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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 19, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> is philadelphia about to ease up on penalty for pot? the big vote just handed down and what's next. >> your favorite super heroes are town. some you've never seen. we'll take you inside one of the wildest
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now at 10:00 crime scene tape surrounds a schoolbus after 16 year old girl is slashed in the face. the violent confrontation on board that's rattling local students. and a wild crash you've got to see to believe. a motorcyclist is sent flying through the air but walks away unhurt. what happened to the driver who hit him. >> but first happening right now, a warning for south philadelphia neighbors. be suspicious of a knock at your door. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. i'm iain page. thieves are posing as utility workers to get inside homes. fox 29's drew dickman is live in south philly to night where an
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elderly woman managed to scare those guys a way. drew? >> reporter: iain the 81 year old victim didn't want to talk to us tonight. she's still shaken up but her neighbors had plenty to say and they're on the look out for those two men responsible. >> finding this crime bulletin in her mailbox came at a surprise to bray howard. >> it's scary. >> reporter: police say a man dressed in a hard hat told a woman living on the 1900 block of south tenth street she had gas main break. while they were checking things out in the 81 year old's basement a second uninvited man entered the home. worker tried to keep her downstairs. she was able to get past and confronted the two men who said to each other in spanish, she understood what was going on. >> i know the lady across the street that it happened to. she's a good woman. and i think guys like that prey on. they prey on the old people because they're cowards. >> reporter: victim picked up the phone and told the thieves she was having heart attack even though sean. they took off running on mifflin
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getting away with only a radio. >> the scum bags, howard, cheats, liars, whatever else you want to call them. the scum of the earth. >> reporter: neighbors believe recent construction on the street may have been part of the imposter's plea ploy. they hope police stop these two culprits before they strike again. >> anybody else that tries to pull that around here the people around here are smarter even though guys are try to prey on the old and innocent and helpless they'll meet their match around here. >> reporter: now police recommend that you don't let workers inside your house unless you have an actual appointment with them. they also say you should look for the workers badge, uniform and a marked vehicle parked outside your home before you let them inside. iain? >> drew, good advice, thank you. philadelphia police want to you take a good look at this surveillance video. they say these two gunmen shot a man in fair hill on june 9th. officers found the victim sitting in a car along the 3300 block of north lee street he was shot twice in the legs and is
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expected to recover. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. >> to the crisis in iraq now. today's major announcement of a u.s. involvement. president obama unveiling a course of action saying the us will send aid to the iraqi army that is battling insurgents. here's fox's doug mckelway. >> reporter: at the white house president obama announces the u.s. will send up to 300 military advisors to iraq as sunny fighters rapidly gain ground. they'll work with the iraqi army to coordinate intelligence and training. >> the best and most effective response to a threat like isil will ultimately partnerships where local forces like iraqis take the lead. >> reporter: but the president made it clear u.s. ground troops will not return to iraq and stressed that solutions to the violence are political not military. >> the united states will not pursue military options that support one secretary inside iraq at the expense of another. there's no military solution inside of iraq certainly not one
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that is led by the united states. >> reporter: despite calls for the leader of iraq to step down for his role in coaxing sectarian divisions, obama says it is not his job to pull the plug on prime minister nori al maliki. republicans are blasting the obama administration for failing to take action and want to see more help than the president has outlined. >> my hope is this the first step in a multi step process. >> i am convinced that the national security of the united states of america is at risk here. >> the president has vowed that he will consult with congress, iraq and regional leader if's the need arises for more precise military action. at the white house, doug mckelway, fox news. >> and skyfox over a mess in philadelphia's port richmond neighbor. that's where a box truck apparently hit several parked cars on the 3100 block block of are a ma ringo accident. take look at the aftermath. this happened just before 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. fortunately no one was hurt and there's no word on exactly what caused that crash. a teenaged girl is accused of slashing the face of a
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classmate on a schoolbus. it happened at pennsauken high school. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in camden outside cooper university hospital where that injured student is being treated to night. shawnette? >> dawn, investigators tell me the girl's injuries are serious but not life threatening. tonight her accused attacker is facing charges. a 16 year old girl is recovering here at cooper hospital. officials say after under going surgery. police say she was seriously slashed across the face as school was letting out. it happened just before 2:00 o'clock on a schoolbus at pennsauken high. >> the bus does have video, and we reviewed the video. there was no words. just victim was standing. the other girl walked on and just sliced her as she went passed. >> reporter: an officer already present for early dismissal as a precaution for school ending in a few days was near the bus when it happened. he immediately took into custody the 16 year old girl accused of cutting the having tim. >> some type of edged weapon. small as as a razor blade or as
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large as a bock cutter. >> reporter: teen taken into custody is charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon among other charges. police are still trying to find out what led up to the incident. >> we don't know the history between the students. we'll be talking to the school in the coming days. >> reporter: and the prosecutor's office says the teen accuse has been transferred to the camden county youth detention center. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. a suburban child porn sweep lands more than a dozen men in jail. 13 people across bucks county are facing serious charges. police say the suss specs are accused of possessing child pornography and spreading it to other people. they range in age from 17 to 65. today's round up is a result of an 18 month investigation. >> many individuals who are involved in the possession or dissemination of child pornography will go to jail, and i think that it could ruin their lives.
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>> police say they seized computers and cell phones during the investigation. they say they found thousands of child pornographic images. more child sex abuse charges filed against the chester county music teacher. police say 44 year old anton faux man inappropriately touched young students during private piano lessons at the malvern school of music. three more students have come forward with abuse allegations. faux man and his wife also run their own music out of their phoenixville home. he is in jail tonight on $300,000 bail. >> a montgomery county man pleads guilty to indecent exposure and harassment with cheese. a judge sentenced 42 year old christopher pagano to eight years of sex offender probation. police say in several of the cases he placed cheese on his genitals while exposing himself to women in philadelphia. as part of his sentence he's ordered to stay it way from his victims. pagano must also attend a treatment program. the news does not look good for atlantic city's newest casino. revel might close its doors for
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good if it doesn't find a buyer. our sabina kuriakose spoke to some concerned customers. >> reporter: it's glass and steal ma'am moth that sits on the far end of the atlantic city boardwalk. the $2.4 billion revel casino hotel opened with much fanfare and star power -- >> ♪ >> reporter: including shows with aiolis towers like beyonce'. it's never turned a profit since it opened. news of a second bankruptcy and possible closure is sending shock waves up and down the boardwalk. >> i'm kind of concerned, because we do have a time share fantasy -- right around the corner. >> bishop worries about the value of her time share if the revel closes. she says there's already another closed casino near her unit. >> i just hope someone finds it. >> revel employees received a letter saying they'd be laid off by mid august if its current owners can't find a buyer. casino got a lone so it can stay open during bankruptcy proceedings but some outside estimates value the revel at a fraction of its billion dollars
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building costs. >> some of our friends used to work here and they got laid off and that's -- found they're not doing that well. so it's kind of -- are we surprised, no. is it a shame, yes. >> the deannely? list are guests at the revel this weekend. the newness of the hotel was a big draw. but from what they saw much the casino sits empty. >> when we walked in i didn't know where it was. it was definitely -- i think if i was in las vegas it would be hurt. here i think it's a little over the top. >> i think any time a hotel like this would close it would really hurt the economy. all of the people of the local people that work here are going to suddenly be without jobs. >> reporter: lawyers for the revel will be in court tomorrow to begin bankruptcy procedures. meantime a union that was just voted in says it hopes a new buyer will salvage employee jo jobs. in atlantic city, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. ♪ >> you've got to see this to believe it. a motorcyclist collides with a
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car, flips through the air and then gets up and walks away unhurt. what happened to the driver of the car coming up. >> and getting caught with a joint in philadelphia might soon be no big deal. city council voting to make eight minor offense but the mayor, he thinks it's bad idea. when the drug laws really change coming up a mother possers rested for making several kids ride on the hood and trunk of her car. some of those kids were hurt. why police say she didn't want them sitting inside. >> and some local middle school students are paying tribute to a classmate battling cancer. they're dancing in the halls with a message of hope. how this video is touching lives coming up. >> the rain is moving out but find out what's moving in for your friday and upcoming weeke weekend. we have your forecast next.
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♪ >> take look at this surveillance video showing a burglary suspect in philadelphia's roxborough section. police say he hit the wing stop on the 6,000 block of ridge avenue last week throwing a rock through a glass door to get inside. he appears to open a cash register but sets off an alarm. the suspect grabs a tip jar full of money and then runs off. so far there have been no arrests. >> police in south jersey arrest a suspect wanted for a series of armed robberies. in one of the cases, a store clerk was shot and is still recovering from his injuries. those robberies happened at several 7elevens across the region. fox 29's dave schratwieser tells us how clever police work paid off. >> it's ba we do. >> reporter: that's how detectives describe the way they tracked down the lead suspect in
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a crew of armed robbers that have been on a tear in south jersey for months now. targeting 7eleven stores for cash and cartons of cigarettes almost weekly. >> we believe that we have the ringleader of this. there are two more individuals that we're looking at. >> reporter: police say this is 31 year old charles walls of collingswood wheeling a 40 caliber ruger handgun at a robbery earlier this month in evesham. investigators tracked walls down through a high-tech computer search for the get away car. a chevrolet sonic like this one. >> we did what we call a dump on the vehicle which gave us every vehicle throughout entire state. >> reporter: police narrowed down the search by check fog sonics in areas near the robberies and then checked for sonic drivers with traffic violations. >> we narrowed it down to one individual. >> reporter: that was walls so they surveiled him at his residence spotted in clothes similar to those worn in the robberies and tailed him. they break off the tail when he became suspicious. two hours later he struck again
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at this 7eleven in gloucester township. when he arrived home, police were waiting. >> he was carrying a large bag. large dufflebag which appeared to be cigarettes. >> reporter: investigators believe walls and two accompli accomplices committed nine robberies in three counties including one at this pennsauken 7eleven in january. that left store worker critically wounded. >> we have taken what is a very dangerous individual off the streets. >> that was our dave schratwieser reporting. police say they found cigarettes, the gun and the clothes worn in the rob bros inside walls home. he's behind bars and is expected to face charges in burlington and mercer counties much his accomplices, however, are still on the loose. a driver of a tractor trailer was speeding before the crash that seriously injured comedian tracy morgan and killed another man. that's according to federal investigators. the preliminary report released this morning by the national transportation safety board says trucker kevin roper was driving 65 miles an hour at the time of the june 7th crash.
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that's 20 miles over the posted limit. reports says about half a mile south of the crash on a northbound new jersey turnpike signs advised drivers to slow down from 55 to 45 because of construction. the truck plowed into morgan's limo van. roper was driving the truck for wal*mart from a store in bristol, pennsylvania. here's a look at the damage from the crash. this is what the truck looked like. the front as you can see completely crushed. and the van carrying morgan and the other victims destroyed. morgan is still in the hospital tonight. he's in fair condition with a broken leg and other injuries. parishioners are pushing back over the possible merger of their parish. members of notre dame the lords in swarthmore host add prayer vigil this evening. they want answers from the archdiocese of philadelphia over its decision to have the church join with our lady of peace. church goers say the parish is financially secure and its school is thriving. notre dame the lords has been in the community sin the '50's. >> it is another big day for the
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participants in this year' special olympic games. gymnastics competitions going on today at the petty school in hightstown, new jersey. as fox's dan bowens reports for one mom it's a day she never thought she would see. >> reporter: three athletes, two coaches, together they are new jersey's special olympics gymnastics team a group that calls themselves the fab five. coach donna roberto says they've been training for the last nine months. >> these girls have grown in so many ways. not just their skill levels, but just their confidence. >> reporter: athletes marissa sims, courtney mums and molly herbert among the 32 participants involved in the gymnastics competition. >> we're a family. fab five is a family, right? >> right. >> my two teammates are like my sisters. >> it's great. >> reporter: from the vault to the bars, beam and floor exercises marissa sims says the games have helped her build confidence.
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>> i'm so blessed to be here. it's so great to be here. it's an honor. i'm so happy. >> reporter: doctors once told molli' parents the teaneck native wouldn't walk. this is they are sixth games. the mother says watching her is a blessing. >> the awareness of the drive that, you know, improve your skills and become better and not just, you know, doing your personal best is wonderful but improving on your personal best report roar the fab five has improved as a team and the coach says they consider all their fellow athletes part of the family. >> they will cheer everyone on, and i think that's something that everybody can learn something from. >> reporter: dan bowens, fox5 news. >> and we'll be there for tomorrow night's closing ceremonies. you can follow our coverage just go to, click the link on our home page. >> and time now for a look at friday morning weather and it will be lot better tomorrow than it was today. scott? >> certainly much improved. no thunder boomers like what we saw overnight. and first thing this morning. in fact, drying out the cloud
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cover is clearing across our area. no weather worries moving in to your overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures pretty comfortable right now. in the 60s and low 70s. 69 right now in atlantic city. 73 in philadelphia. what to expect tomorrow morning. we're looking at sunny, cool conditions. low humidity. what about 56 degrees in the suburbs. low 60s in the city. some of you might want to grab that little light jacket stepping out first thing friday morning. so overnight dry and comfortable. we're looking at cooler temperatures. low humidity values and friday morning, a fantastic start. what to expect the entire day for friday. friday evening plans and what about that weekend forecast. i'll have the details coming up. >> all right. scott. thanks. a trip down a river goes bad and it's caught on tape. a rafters to flood a wicked rapid describes what went through her mind as she fought to survive. >> and they look like a nice basket of cookies.
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make baked by grandma. police say they're packed with cocaine. where they turned up next. and some of your favorite super heroes are in town. some you never have seen before. super heroes are in town. some you never have seen before. so brian at citizens said of th
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♪ >> a suburban denver home is leveled in an explosion. crews are searching for one unaccounted for person. neighbors say they heard the boom miles away when it happened earlier today. there's no word on what caused the blast. right now, there are no reports
10:23 pm
of any injuries. >> cookies and milk well pretty g cookies and cocaine that's bad idea. officials at newark liberty international airport confiscated a batch of cookies with a street value of more than $50,000. police say the cookies had 118 pellets of cocaine baked into them. customs officials say a guatemalan citizen was arrested after officers allegedly discovered the cookies in his three checked bags. he's now facing charges of smuggling narcotics. the centers for disease control and prevention is monitoring 75 people at its atlanta sent for possible anthrax exposure. agency officials saying bacteria samples that were not completely inactive were transferred from high level bio safety lab to another low level lab that wasn't equipped to handle the samples. right now officials say the general public is not at risk and does not need to take preventive actions. >> a woman takes the plunge while rafting in colorado. >> take look at this. the fierce rapids accept her
10:24 pm
overboard separating her from other rafters. the innocent was recorded from the camera mounted on her live jack. class four rapids caused the raft to flip over. the woman was definitely overconfident prior to the trip but now she says she's eating humble pie. i knew i can probably get through it as long as i was conscious but i knew one below to the head and i would have been a goner. >> wow! on scale of one to six, class four is considered advan advanced. city council votes to make having a small amount of pot a minor offense in philly but the mayor thinks it's a bad idea. will the drug laws really change? that's coming up. >> plus this guy is a convicted felon but his mug shot has everyone talking. why it's creating such a fire storm. and some of your favorite super heroes are in town. some you may never have seen before. we'll take you inside one of the wildest weekends in philly.
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♪ >> have you seen this guy? philadelphia police say he got away with about thousand dollars in cash and a role of scratch off lottery tickets. it happened saturday at dollar plus store on the 2800 block of west dauphin street. authorities say the suspect pulled a handgun, then went behind the counter taking whatever he could. and getting caught with a joint in your pocket may no longer make i was criminal at least not in the city of philadelphia. >> city council today passed legislation that would reduce the penalty for minor pot possession. the question now, will it stick our bruce gordon reports. >> reporter: the bill sponsored by councilman jim kenny would do away with the current arrest, jailing and $200 fine for those caught with less than 30 grams of marijuana. instead the pot would be confiscated and the possessor would pay $25 civil fine. kenny says police and courts are now wasting their time on minor drug cases. >> it's a waste of see resources and ruin nation of people's lives for doing knuckle headed stuff. everybody in our lives have done
10:29 pm
knuckle headed stuff. we don't get locked up for it and we don't have criminal record that follows us for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: on hand for the city council vote was 24 year old tashira months. may 21 i was arrested for small amount of marijuana. i had to spend the night in jail. >> reporter: when she missed a dave work because of the arrest moss was fired from her new job. >> now i don't know who is going to hire me. i have a record now. and i don't have a job any more. >> reporter: not everyone in council supported the measure. the chamber's two republicans were joined by democrat dennis o'brien in saying no. >> if this ever went to the supreme court they likely -- they're likely to say that philadelphia has no business making up its own penalties for things that the legislature has already penalized. >> reporter: in the end kenn kenny's measure pass beside a 13 to three vote. on paper that's veto proof. important because mayor nutter made clear he's not a fan of further reducing penalties for possession. >> the best way not to get arrested for having small amounts of marijuana in your
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possession is to not have small amounts of marijuana, meth, crack or heroin in your possession. all of which are illegal. >> reporter: kenny's bill is said to take effect in three months. he wants the mayor to issue an executive order refusing the penalty for pot possession immediately. that seems very unlikely. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> city lawmakers were busy on the education funding front today as well. they signalled their intent to bore $30 million and give it to the philadelphia school district this fall. the district says it needs 96 million in new money. they will try to get it from attacks hike on cigarettes which requires state approval and also concessions from the unions from the teachers. >> president obama presents the medal of honor to a man who took a grenade to save a fellow marine. back in 2020 corporal william kyle carpenter made the selfless decision to cover an enemy launched grenade his body.
10:31 pm
he was wounded including a depressed school, collapsed right lung, multiple facial fractures and fragment injuries to his arms and legs. he lost move of his jaw and his right eye in the blast and spent more than two years in the hospital. >> kyle, you're not -- you not only saved your brother in arms you displayed a heroism in the blink of an eye that will inspire for generations. >> kyle carpenter is the eighth living veteran of u.s. combat in iraq and afghanistan to receive the medal of honor. unwelcomed guest is making its way through bucks county. a fox 29 viewer sent us these pictures of a black bear on the loose in quakertown. the bear was spotted yesterday along clover mill road in milford township. the viewer says the animal broke his neighbor's finance and there's no word where it might be tonight. >> the mystical word wizardry and super power strength is taking over the pennsylvania convention center. >> that's right. our chris o'connell flecked his
10:32 pm
muscle and flew on over to introduce to us some of the sites you might encounter. >> reporter: from the super heroes you grew up with -- >> what's your name? >> my name is batman. >> reporter: to the object cure villians you've never heard of. >> who are you this year? >> i'm scorpion from mortal combat. >> reporter: what's his super power? >> well, he can jump. >> my super power -- >> harley quinn much she is basically the joker's lover. >> green lantern inter good hal tick space cop. technically i'm an anti hero. i'm anti venom who possessed ben riley who's a clone of spiderman. >> reporter: i got to be scared of you? >> not necessarily. cautious. >> reporter: for comic lovers, wizard worldcom my couldn't at the philadelphia convention center is the place to be. >> it's just general appreciation for, like, nostalgia of your youth or pop culture appreciation. you know, every single one of us
10:33 pm
remembers our favorite tv show or cartoon or comic or toy. all of those elements kind of tie in here. >> a chance to be close to the characters i grew up with. the characters i love. >> you can meet famous people. you can buy really cool collectibles. >> reporter: don't even think about coming here without some sort of costume. >> this costume costs me -- i don't want to say how much but a pretty penny. >> it's so much fun to be able to make your own costume and show it off and be proud and admire all of the other awesome costumes. people do really, really crazy cool stuff. >> i'm going to tract female fall under a super power. >> reporter: do you give a little humid in there? >> a no, but i lose 10 pounds. >> reporter: conventions get bigger, weirder and scarier each year. that's okay with them. >> is being a geek kind of cool now? you know what, um, it seems to be, it neff used to be, though. >> reporter: the biggest and baddest super hero ever to walk
10:34 pm
the planet the incredible hulk lou ferigno. what kind of super hero should i be? >> the incredible hulk. >> reporter: how about reporter man or something. >> i tell you you can be bruce, my altar ego. >> reporter: hey, maybe he's got something here. in center city, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> love it. thousands of people are heading to the dover area for this weekend's fire fly music festival. some 70,000 people are expected to attend. people started arriving early this morning. that festival running through the weekend featuring the foofighters out of the outcast, jack johnson imagine dragons and dozens of other acts. >> this could have gone really bad. a cop attacked by three dogs during a traffic stop. why the driver let them out of the truck in the first place. >> and a mom busted for forcing children to ride on the hood and trunk of her car. some of them hurt. why police say she didn't want them inside. >> plus apple will start
10:35 pm
production of its smart watch next month. how soon you'll be able to get
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♪ >> check this out. routine traffic stop turns into wild attack. dash cam video shows the
10:38 pm
officers pug over a driver who they say was speeding in stuart, florida. the woman got out to hear the officers more clearly and that's when her three dogs rushed over to protect her. the officer tried to run to the other side of the car to get away. he is recovering tonight from several bites. the dog's owner was cited by animal control. >> taking a look at your money tonight, apple is getting ready to launch its next big thing. the smart watch hits the market as early as october. it's going to feature a 2.5-inch screen along with wireless charging. production will start in july. the company plans to ship 50 million smart watches in the first year of the the launch. it doesn't have a name but apple fans call it the eye watch. >> where is the beef? it might be sitting on the store shelves. the price is going up again. the department of agriculture says in the last five years, price are up more than a third. and don't get too comfortable with the price you're paying. the u.s. da says expect prices to go up another 6% by the end of the year. >> two texas moms are a cued of
10:39 pm
making their children ride on the hoot and the trunk of a car. >> all because their clothes were still wet from swimming pool. not only that, police say the mom who was driving was drunk. officers say the two moms would not let their kids in their wet clothes in the car. they made it a few blocks before four of the children fell off. >> there was one laying on the floor and she was lying right here on the floor. there was a girl sitting next to her that was getting checked out. she had blood on her shirt and stuff. and then there was two kids that had road burns that were like walking up and down the street. >> the kids were town to the hospital and they're expected to be okay. the driver has been charged with intoxication assault. >> this is hard to believe a motorcyclist collides with a car, flips through the air then gets up and walks away unhurt. what happened to the driver of the car next. >> and a mom says people stare at her disabled son. it breaks her heart. she's doing something about it. she's launched campaign to change the way kids like her son
10:40 pm
are treated. how you can help by just cracking a smile. >> and some local middle school students are dancing in the halls with their principal's permission. they were inspired by a classmate with cancer. how their video is touching lives coming up. ly. scott? >> dawn, we saw cloud cover, rainfall earlier, but that system is moving out of here. get ready for some cooler temperatures. you might want to open up those windows and let in fresh air during the overnight making plans for the weekend. i have the forecast for down the shore as well as the pocono mountains want to expect in dover for the fire
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♪ >> absolutely incredible video to show you. everyone is okay here. a motorcyclist gets hit by a car and 22 complete wart wheels before getting back up and just walking away unhurt. this happened in clearwater, florida. police say the driver of the car cited for making an improper left turn and driving with a suspended license. >> take a look at what could turn out to be the most famous mug shot ever to grace the facebook page of the stockton california police department. this 30 year old jeremy meeks a convicted felon and was arrested
10:44 pm
on weapons charges. the allegations aren't what people are talking about. get this. this picture is going viral. it's gotten close to 27,000 likes with comments ranging from too bad he's criminal. he is he's hot to omg, so gorgeous. what waste. >> a maryland mother is hoping to change the outlook on children with disabilities one smile at a time. debbie's son has a traumatic brain injury. it causes people to stare. and claims he even has been kick out of public park. celine has a new campaign called smile don't stare. it's aimed at letting those with disabilities know their accepted and acknowledged. she's working with young people to change their perspective. >> little boy said i wish people would ask my name and i feel like that's something we take for granted. >> say hi and smile. ask me how my day is and compliment their shoes. >> celine says parents should work with their children when they're little and don't shh
10:45 pm
them when they notice someone with disabilities that's the where the elation occurs. >> local middle school gets creative in an evident to raise awareness about cancer and its impact on families. inspired by a classmate with lou comb ya, the six, seventh and eighth graders put together a purchase full video they hope will make difference in their community and beyond. >> students at springfield middle school are dancing and lip syncing in the hallways in an amazing show of support for eighth grader colin delaney whose battling leukemia. >> after colin was diagnosed in february, a lot of us felt like we wanted to something to help him, and other families since now it was close to home and we understood it first hasn't. >> principal lauren davis came up with the idea putting together a video and partnering with the non-profit bring hope home which helps families with cancer. >> that was really our focus was how do we do something that generates energy and positivity but also has a major impact on people who are going through a really difficult time?
10:46 pm
>> cole lip says it's been rough and he's missed a lot of school while in the hospital. >> i didn't like school before and now i actually really enjoy coming to school because it's a normalcy. it's something normal i get to do. because when i'm in the hospital, nothing is normal. >> eighth grader admits he's overwhelmed by the love and support and says it's helped make a difficult time a little easier. they're doing a lot just for me and i'm only one person who has it. >> he saw the video he had a smile on his face and just felt like amazing to see that we were helping him. >> i started crying when i first saw it because it's so powerful and it's touched me. >> the students are hoping the video goes viral. so they can spread their message of hope. >> it made us feel really good because we can affect other families not just in the community but like everywhere. >> the video was shown to students at final school assembly where colin was recognized for his courage and fighting the fight. >> thank you for inspiring us. (applause).
10:47 pm
>> the students also held several fundraisers over the last couple of months. they raised $6,000 to help colin and four other local families affected by cancer to help with some of their expenses. >> all right. let get a check of your weather. scott, what a difference a day makes. last night was fairly warm ton night it might need a jacket heading home. >> iain, you'll need a jack. come tomorrow morning, some folks temperature will be in the 50s. you might need a little light jacket as well. but let's talk about those temperatures. right now it's 73 degrees. 24 hour temperature change 15 degrees colder across our area. yesterday, of course, we were looking at those highs in the 90s. it was the hottest day of the season and of the year. overnight dry and comfortable. open up those windows, some cooler temperatures. drier air fund link in and look at friday morning. sunshine a cool start. low humidity across the area. and then friday night, dry and pleasant. looking good for friday evening
10:48 pm
out across the area with comfortable weather conditions. so the satellite and radar showing you the cloud cover, the showers, we saw earlier this afternoon. that system is out of here. clearing conditions, drying conditions and lower relative humidity on the way. so as we roll the clock, sunshine across the area for your friday morning. don't forget that sunscreen if you will be outdoors. and then as we move into your friday night a few more clouds passing by. saturday right now there could be a spotty or isolated shower popping up. as we move toward 5:00 o'clock. but all in all, the weekend right now looks pretty good. the temperature this morning was in the 80s that's our high temperature for today. the low this afternoon with the rain got down to 71 degrees. temperatures right now it's 69 degrees in atlantic city. we have 69 in reading. upper 60s in trenton. 71 right now in wilmington and 70 degrees currently in dover. so the forecast for tonight, those skies clear out.
10:49 pm
weaver looking at beautiful conditions as far as temperatures. only in the 50s overnight tonight in the suburbs and then tomorrow sunshine, nice, 84 degrees. low humidity. that's where we should be for this time of year. a lot of events taking place. the fire fly music festival in dover. weather for tomorrow, looking great. 80 degrees. don't forget the sunscreen. stay hydrated even though the temperatures aren't going that oppressive. saturday there could be spotty shower. sunday looks great as well. down the shore for your saturday, cloud cover lingers a bit. there could be is the tee shower. 74 degrees for the high temperature. then on sunday, 76 we're looking atwater temperatures right around tent degrees. for the pocono mountains, sun and clouds, dry, 73 degrees on saturday. and sunday looking beautiful. forecast by the numbers tomorrow, we'll give it a 10. 84 degrees will be the high temperature. summer officially begins this weekend and once again, it doesn't look that bad. we're looking at the potential for pop-up shower during the
10:50 pm
afternoon on saturday. 78 degrees for the high temperature. sunday looks pretty good. low 80s. a lot of outdoor events taking place across the area this weekend much the manayunk arts festival. weather looking pretty good for that. moving into early next week. 85 the high temperature on monday. and then the muggies return as we move into tuesday, wednesday, perhaps the threat for a few scattered showers and storms. >> we can kind of half and half would you say. the weekend doesn't look that bad. chance for rain 20, 30% on saturday. >> okay. really not looking that bad. >> that's good. we got a good string of weekends. might as well keep it going. >> exactly. >> thank you, scott. >> howard? >> that's a great name for a kids tv show, the muggies. (laughter). >> it's hard to imagine someone 11 years old playing golf with the pros. unbelievable. it happened today. and what is the connection between the flintstones and and what is the connection betwe[ male announcer ] and tv's come a long way.
10:51 pm
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♪ >> the phillies came into st. louis tonight with three game sweep in atlanta. the real stuff, is this the real stuff for the phillies? ryan howard has a hit every game since mike schmidt worked with him in the batting cage last sunday. what's up? let's go to st. louis. what's up is ryan howard right now. in the fourth inning, a single and an rbi. how about that, didn't have the shift on. i don't know if you noticed th
10:54 pm
that. st. louis outsmarted themselves there and this is reid brignac at the plate. runners should run across the bag. he turn his ankle so bad he had to come out of the game. phillies are up two-nothing until the sixth inning much he's out but in lot of pain. sixth inning ryan howard gets two hits and three rbi's tonig tonight. squeezes it just inside the foul pole. fair pole whatever you want to call it. phillies up four to nothing. it's now four-one in the ninth inning phillies. there's not good vibes coming out of the phillies minor league system concerning 2,101st round draft pick jesse biddle. he's now three and eight at aa reading and talk him of dropping lower in the minor league system. today at the eagles money know camp players get out of school today for the summer. the players now have five weeks off before training camp begins july 25th and chip kelly expects the players will stay in shape. as far as the coaches are they looking to get a little time o off? >> i don't look at this as i
10:55 pm
need a break from what we've just done. i mean this is our life choice and we enjoy it so it's not like i can't wait for, you know, this isn't like flintstone with yabba cab ba do and we're trying to get out of work. >> yabba dabba do and we're trying to get out of work. >> it's yabba dabba do. with the nba draft a week from tonight today there was injury news that could severely effect the sixers pick at the number three spot in the first round. the projected top three players in no certain are andrew wiggins, jabari parker and em bee. what changed an kansas center joelle. he suffered a stress fracture to his foot. will have surgery on friday. there are red flags with player that already had a bone fracture in his back and in you his foot. is he injury prone? sixers have questions with the third pick and i would not be surprised if they actually trade back to get more picks. it's amazing sometimes to see how young players are that play sports at a high level. how about professionally? you
10:56 pm
see it in tennis. you really see it in golf but 11 years old playing with the pros yup. let's go to pine hurst, north carolina. it's the women's u.s. open. that is lucy lee. she's in sixth grade. she's 11 years old. i mean it's unbelievable. watch this shot. birdies this hole much nice little -- nice little chip shot to the green. she ended up putting for the birdie. she shot a 78 which is eight over today. however, that's incredible. 11 years old. eight over par. she qualified. she had to qualify at 11 years old. you know, some of the women they're a little jealous. they were little mad at her playing. >> sixth grade. >> she qualified. she's not going to win. she just parred it. that embraces -- she qualified. not like she got a response sr. exemption or some something like that. she qualified. >> michelle wii got a summons source exemption. she qualified for this. it is incredible that somebody i wish i started playing golf at the age she probably started.
10:57 pm
>> so impress is seive. >> it really is. >> she can beat me. (laughter). >> eight over in major. conditions are more difficult and she's 11 in sixth grade. incredible. >> all right. thanks for watching that night. fox morning news comes your way at 4:00 a.m. >> coming town hours of news and infotainment all starts next with tmz. have great nig
10:58 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> finally, a lady gaga video that is so sexual even she doesn't want to put it out. >> lady gaga is having hip surgery and r. kelly is the doctor. he and his nurses are dancing, twerking on top of her, eating lobster. >> lobster? >> herschel fish -- >> jesus. it's so bad. >> i'm sorry. >> we got miss drama ganza. she's an independent rapper. we asked her where she grew up. >> i used to live down the street from jeffrey dahmer. >> oh, that's awesome. >> did she see him? >> she said i don't know. she said i spelled it when i walked past. >> no!


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